Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Take A Hike - Take Action #17

What’s the one thing a person without use of their legs wants to do?  Run. 
What’s the one thing a person who is struggling to breathe wants to do?  Walk to the front door. 
What’s the one thing a child who has been hospitalized for weeks wants to do?  Swing at the playground.
Do you have legs?  Can you breathe?   If yes, then step away from the computer and go outside while the weather is beautiful and take a walk.  Make it more fun and take a kid or significant other along.  Been a while since you exercised regularly?  Commit to 3 times a week.  Already work out 3 times a week?  Make it 4.  It’s time to get moving people!  I am watching my father struggle to breathe. If he could walk to the park right now, it would give him such joy.  Yet it seems that some people can, but choose not to.  God gave us the ability to use our bodies far beyond what we think is possible.  It is amazing how much I will push my body when I am working out with my trainer as opposed to when I show up to the gym by myself.    I tell my trainer, “I can’t do it”.  He says “yes you can”.  He is right. 
Here’s a good article on how to incorporate exercising in your life.  Also, instead of obsessing about calories and diet, just start exercising.  Here is an article about how exercise changed one woman’s life.
I know….You are busy.  Really busy.  I get it.  I feel so sorry for you. Here’s’ a link on how busy people find time to exercise.   If you are still stuck on what to do for food and exercise, visit my friend Maureen's website Making it all Fit.
Be thankful you have the heart and the lung capacity, as well as the working limbs to exercise and get out there and do something.  Better yet – tell your kids to get out there.  I see more and more young kids entering high school who are bigger than women who have had multiple child births.   Some weight problems are hereditary, but most are because the kid’s exercise routine includes Facebook, texting, video games and MTV.  Take them to play tennis, throw a Frisbee, or go for a hike.  There are some awesome parks in Missouri if you are from here. 
Other ways to get exercise without thinking about it:
  • Push a wheel chair at the park
  • Push a stroller at the zoo
  • Give a kid a piggy-back ride
  • Do leg lifts while your toddler hangs on to your leg
  • Do laps around the house or in the house when you are on a call with a chatty Cathy
  • Park in the a spot the furthest from the entrance at the restaurant you are going to
  • Take the stairs in every building you enter for crying out loud.  Elevators in 3 story buildings were NOT made for people who can walk.  They are for people in wheel chairs and parents with strollers and old/sick people.  If you aren’t any of those things, then take the dang stairs. 
  • Walk the escalator stairs at the mall.
Anyway, I hope I’ve encouraged you to TAKE ACTION by getting some exercise.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Turn Off The Phone - Take Action #14

Somehow, I went straight from Take Action #13 to Take Action #15.  I neglected poor #14 - so here it is.  
Put the Phone Away
OK – I know it’s like I just asked you to cut off your right arm – but really – that little box with all the keys, applications, messages, and pictures sometimes keeps us from our work and our face-to-face relationships.  Last night I took my kids out to dinner to celebrate my oldest daughter’s 20th birthday.  I asked them to all put their phones away so that we could enjoy each other.  We did great – we made it an hour without looking at that box and we had a great time.  I also made the other 3 say something they loved about their big sister – they told me I was weird.  Whatever.
As I found the other day, not having my phone for 24 hours was a struggle - especially since it is my life line to my kids, parents, and especially my job.  On my way to my 9:00 in Litchfield, IL I got stuck in traffic which set me back 20 minutes and then I was in such a hurry since I had no way to communicate with my client – that I decided that driving faster would be the answer – then I got pulled over – got a ticket. I wonder if I can put it on my expense report....I blame my cell phone.
Anyway, we have become so addicted to our phones, that we literally have panic attacks when we can’t find them.  Here’s an article on cell phone addiction.
As much as we think we are more productive with the little box that we carry around 24/7, it can actually jeopardize relationships and be a huge distraction when working.  I challenge you to try for one day to take two (2) one-hour breaks from your phone.  Turn it off for one hour during your work day to see how much work you get done without stopping to take a call or reply to a text.  Even though most phones have e-mail, it is a heck of a lot faster to type on the computer.  The second hour is reserved for someone you love.  Give them your undivided attention.  There is nothing worse than having a conversation with someone and they keep looking down at their phone while you are spilling your guts.    Makes you feel insignificant. 
Can you do it?  Give me your feedback on how it went.
Take Action – Turn the phone off!