Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Take Action #27: Be Happy

It really is a choice.  I know it is annoying when your whole world is falling apart and some happier-than-thou person says, “It will all work out.  Don’t worry.   Keep your chin up.  What is something FUN we can do today?”  You basically want to knock them over the head with a two-by-four or push them off a cliff.  Quite frankly, sometimes it feels good to be a crab. 
However, what I find happens is if I wake up crabby or let the soap in my eye be the start of a “horrible” day, then I usually have a horrible day.  It is all in the way you “choose” to look at it.  You could say “oh great – it’s going to be one of those days.  What else could happen?”  OR you could say “Darn, soap in my eye. Oh well, the rest of my day is the best of my day.”
Like the guy who cuts you off on the highway; you can scream profanities and assume he must be the biggest jerk on the planet (my kids really don’t like this response).  OR I can assume that he must either be distracted, in a big hurry, have a crying baby in the backseat or just simply not paying attention. I sure feel better about the 2nd way and it helps me to move on and enjoy the rest of the day.  If I assume the guy was a jerk and out to get me, then I spend the rest of the day meeting more jerks and people out to get me and yell up to God “Why me???”
So –  CHOOSE to be Happy.  Whatever gets in your way today – crabby teacher, cranky kids, crazy driver, difficult employees…..just take a deep breath, smile and say “That’s ok.  Today is a great day!”  Then it wouldn’t hurt to remind yourself of all the great things going on in your life – health, kids, love, job, etc.
Take Action by Being Happy!