Monday, November 29, 2010

Update your LinkedIn Profile - Take Action #33, By: Angela Lieb

Are you a professional that needs to make connections? OR someone looking for a job? OR are you someone who wants to be “found” on Google for a new project OR interviewed by the media?  Then if you are not on LinkedIn and/or have a current profile, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.  I am not a LinkedIn sales rep or advertiser or anything connected to them – I just happen to be a big advocate since I got my latest job (now 2 years) from someone who found me on LinkedIn.  Here are some statistics taken from the LinkedIn site:
  • LinkedIn has over 85 million members in over 200 countries. 
  • A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of our members are outside the U.S.  
  • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.
Better yet, the Social Media Revolution video sites that 80% of companies use social media for recruitment; 95% of these are using LinkedIn and half of the members are decision makers!

Having a complete profile with your resume, photo, recommendations and contacts is key to being found on Google and within LinkedIn, if a prospective employer or potential client is looking for you.  For example, if you sell insurance or real estate or software, make sure you have what you do written in both your current title,  past job titles and within the content of your bio. 

We are no longer in a world where we send out cover letters and resumes, we are in a world where current jobs aren’t even posted most of the time because HR departments are approaching talent directly.  To their advantage, they can find out more information than you sometimes want because of the information available on the web.

If I were a media professional wanting to do an interview with someone who sells widgets in my town, I would start with LinkedIn.  Once I found someone who sells widgets, I would then Google that person to see what they have accomplished; have they written articles, do they have a Facebook account, did they receive an award?

Here is a great article on How to Create a strong LinkedIn Profile

If you are getting ready to graduate or you are a recent graduate, here’s an article on How to Use LinkedIn after you get the degree. 

Whether you are in sales, networking, building a business or looking for a job, Take Action by either creating a LinkedIn profile or refreshing your current profile.