Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Take Action #28: Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself
This could mean several things.   We invest our time, money and resources.   Most of us are so busy taking care of families, jobs and businesses that we rarely take time or money out to do things for us.  2010 has been the year to invest in myself.  I would encourage you to do the same. Here are some ideas:
ü  Take a vacation
ü  Read a great book
ü  Exercise and eat right
ü  Schedule dates with your friends
ü  Single? Sign up for a dating service or join a single’s group
ü  Get your hair and nails done
ü  Get your suits tailored
ü  Buy some new outfits
ü  Get some counseling
ü  Take a yoga, dance or kick boxing class
ü  Take a day at the spa
ü  Get a massage
ü  Hire a Financial Planner
ü  Go back to school
ü  Learn a new language
Of course there are thousands of ways to take care of yourself.  I didn't get this concept until this past year.  AND the bonus is that each of these ideas is Taking Action because if you are taking care, you are taking action 
If you have not done something that is just for YOU in the last 3 months, it is about time!  I’m not talking about going out and buying new underwear, I am talking about doing something special just for you!  I’ve given you plenty of ideas to get you started.  I would LOVE to hear all the ways you invested in yourself.  Please respond to this blog or the Fan Page!
Take Action by taking care of yourself.

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