Sunday, November 21, 2010

Invite someone to dinner – Take Action #31 - By: Angela Lieb

As the holidays approach, this is usually the time that we invite friends and family over for dinner or a bonfire or a cocktail party.   I do realize that being a host or hostess is not a natural gift for many people.  You will notice there are certain people who always seem to be the hosts.  I think what holds some people back is that they think their house is too small or that they would have to repaint and clean the house in order to have a party.   There have actually been times that I decided to host a shower or Tupperware party because I KNEW that it would force me to deep clean the house and paint the dining room.  So sometimes it is just the motivation we need to finish the project.
Today’s Take Action idea is not only to invite someone over for dinner, but invite someone you would not otherwise invite.  For example, every Thanksgiving we usually invite people that might not have anywhere else to go.  This has included homeless children, friends whose family doesn’t live here or kids’ friends from college who didn’t make it back to their home town.  OR – maybe this is the time to invite the couple that sits on the sidelines as you watch your kid’s games.  You enjoy their company on the side lines; why not invite them to dinner?
Step outside your comfort zone and welcome someone you would not normally invite into your home.

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